Luberon is the name of this magic mountain range, famous world wide, enriched by its stones, its castles, its luminosity and colours....
This is the real Provence, full of character.

Start your day in l'Isle sur la Sorgue. Originally known as "Insula", the town officially adopted the name of "L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue" on 18 August 1890, taking the latter part of its name from the river Sorgue, to which it owed much. As early as the 12th century, the river served defensively as ramparts which surrounded the town until 1795. The river was also a source of food and industry: fishing and artisan mills for oil, wheat, silk, paper… The small town is famous for its many antique shops and hosts antique markets every Sunday

Fontaine de Vaucluse: You will enjoy the “Spring of Vaucluse”, built around a spring in a valley at the foot of the Vaucluse Mountains. The town is named after the spring itself, the source of the Sorgue River.  This is the biggest spring of France and the 5th largest in the world with an annual flow of 630 million cubic meters. After seeing the main point of interest, you will discover an ancient paper mill and the ruins of a castle.

Mostly on the northern part of Luberon, on the side of the hills, several picturesque villages are perched, overlooking the valley. In order to protect themselves from pillagers, the inhabitants, during centuries, have patiently built, stone by stone, their houses, closed to the seigniorial castle.

Nowadays this charming villages, with their tiny narrow streets and amazing shaded squares are classified among the most beautiful ones in France.
Nevertheless, each one has its own personality and its own attractive power.

Gordes : This very beautiful old village is perched on the southern edge of the high Plateau de Vaucluse. It seems to be an unbelievable "stone cascade" : the stone houses are built in tight against the base of the cliffs and others are perched on the rocks above, and all together are topped by a 12th-century castle.

Roussillon : It owes its name to the reddish (roux) colour of its houses. The village is lovely from the outside, set in a deep green pine forest on bright red-ochre hills but even more spectacular inside, with the colourful old buildings and narrow medieval streets. From the terrace the view on the ochre cliffs, composed of 16 or 17 different shades is spectacular.
You can also go for a walk following the "Giants' Causeway, among jagged rust-red cliffs, relieved by a scattering of pines and evergreen oaks.

Suggested schedule
Pick up at your hotel
9:45 Visit of L’isle sur la Sorgue, a quiet city along the river Sorgue renowned for its antique dealers
11:00 Drive to Fontaine de Vaucluse
11:15 Little walk at Fontaine de Vaucluse to reach the spring of the river Sorgue, at the bottom of a high cliff
Lunch with the advise of your guide
01:30 Drive to Gordes
02:00 Visit Gordes, one of the most incredible hilltop villages of Luberon: a real stone cascade
03:15 Stroll through the reddish village of Roussillon
04:15 Drive back
05:00 Drop off