This tour gives you the opportunity to plunge into Provence history: from the roman epoch to the medieval times.

Nîmes: The birth of Nîmes goes back to the 6th century BC. The city has kept numerous of traces of its 26 centuries of history—covering both the fine and dark moments. Among the different monuments, discover the Roman amphitheatre (or arena) which is the best-conserved of the Roman world; the Maison Carrée which was part of the forum, the economic and administrative heart of the Roman town; the Tour Magne, a tall tower built on a hill and that later became part of the Roman ramparts; the Jardins de la Fontaine decorated with vases and statues, count as one of the major public gardens in Europe…

Nîmes is popular for its Feria, famous festival centered on bullfighting held each year. It attracts over a million visitors for five or six days.

Uzès: Uzès was a small Gallo-Roman oppidum. The town lies at the source of the Eure, from where a Roman aqueduct was built in the first century BC, to supply water to the local city of Nîmes. The present-day city retains the trace of its walls as a circuit of boulevards, a chapel, built in the 17th century to house the mortal remains of the dukes of the town, occupies the site of a 1st-century AD temple dedicated to the first Roman Emperor, Augustus… There are monuments of the prestige of the former bishopric, once one of the most extensive of Languedoc, but extinguished at the Revolution, and private houses that witness the wealth that the textile trade brought in the 16th century.

We will end the day by discovering le Pont du Gard

This incredible bridge was built around 19 BC !
It is in fact a part of an aqueduct which transported spring water from a catchment area near Uzès to the Romans in Nîmes. It was engineered to carry the daily water supply along its 31 miles. This huge and so old construction is very impressive. This is something you will never forget in your life !

Suggested schedule
9:00am Pick up at your hotel
10:00 Visit of the roman city of Nimes with the amphitheatre, the Squared House, Gardens of the fountains built around the roman’s baths ….
12:00 Drive to Uzès
12:30pm Lunch and stroll through the medieval streets of Uzes
02:45 Drive to « Le Pont du Gard »
03:15 Visit the Pont du Gard, one of the most beautiful Roman constructions in the region and the highest roman aqueduct still standing in the world
04:15 Drive Back
05:00 Drop off